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Together with director Willem de Beukelaer and writer Philip Howe we have finished a treatment for our international feature film project: GPS.

A final draft is scheduled for december 2014.

Run. Hide. Survive. Or die trying.


Our short film KROOST (Offspring) premiered saturday september 27th 2014 at the Dutch Film Festival in the city of Utrecht.

Seven-year-old Molly can’t wait to watch her princesses’ DVD after a long day at school. Unfortunately her older brother is already gaming on the TV. Behind the seemingly childish needling between brother and sister, a long drawn-out conflict lies hidden that involves the entire family. A dialogue-less action movie - former stuntcoordinator Willem de Beukelaer’s debut - tragicomically showing the consequences of a dysfunctional family.

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Watch the making of HERE




We have a finished final draft for our deep space scifi project EXIGENCY.

Written by Philip Howe.

When a colonization ship en route to a new planet is hit by a terrorist act, the core crew, suffering collective amnesia, find themselves responding to the attack. Now, they must save the one million sleeping passengers aboard and confront the dark truth about their real purpose aboard the ship.

Beyond Betrayal.